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AA Route Planner

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AA Route Finder

Start to plan your route with typing from and to addresses. You can add in next page also additional addresses. There is a lot of avoid options like: Avoid motorways, avoid tolls/congestion charging. avoid current traffic. After click on "Plan route" you will get also alternative routes. You can choose the best route for you. You will see the duration of drive, kilometers/miles - how far between addresses. You will see in driving directions the benefits of The AA membership. They will be highlighted with yellow background and it will be shown, which offers they have for you (like 30% off). There is also a option to print all of details of driving directions with map.

About The AA and Route Planner

What is AA?

The AA, formerly The Automobile Association, is a British motoring association. It provides vehicle insurance, driving lessons, breakdown cover, loans, motoring advice, route planner, map, books and other services. You can find more information about The AA on Wikipedia article, AA Route Planner and official website.

What is AA Route Planner?

AA Route Planner is most used route planner in UK. Calculate the driving distance from point A to B. This service is totally free. Plan your routes across the UK efficiently.

Which traffic news will be provided?

Incidents, Roadworks, Congestion, Road closures, Lane closed, Weather incidents.